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   Adviser “Gold Manipulation is simply nonsense”….. His advice is nonsense!

                      A couple of months ago on a highly respected Canadian commodity investment site, a pompous and obviously naïve “expert “stated that any thought of “gold manipulation is simply nonsense.” Really?  We have received many comments on the view of this commodities “adviser.” Some very successful and experienced gold and mining people were rather surprised by his term “nonsense.” Nonsense is it? Just review how recent […]

By our analysis Gold’s bottom has been made

We have said during the last two years that gold has been finishing making a major bottom that will lead into a long term bull market in gold bullion, silver and many mining stocks. We have studied cycles, fundamental valuations, the stock market’s effect as well as the regular and timely manipulation by the central banks and brokerage houses. Our conclusion view leaves little doubt that we are in a bull market…..finally. 

The Deutsche Bank manipulation of gold….Lesson? Demand your gold!

          Two years ago I was with an analyst in Montreal and he mentioned that he had his gold bullion held in “safekeeping” at a company in Montreal. I immediately said ” let’s go over there now”   We went into the building and through the security and he got his gold ingots. I advised him to trust nobody but his wife and find a secure place to keep it.  We […]