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The “Canadian Mine Analysis” is a research site whose aim is to provide informative insight and research on specific companies that our analysis indicates are undervalued based primarily upon in-depth fundamental analysis.  We will be focusing on “tangible values” as in reserves, resources, hard assets et al that companies have. We will attempt to analyze companies when they are undervalued and overlooked. As we deem technical analysis to be extremely important for timing, we use it. Why “technical analysis”? Keep in mind the old expression that “Timing is everything”! It is.

The cyclical price action of the market often brings many stocks into a traditionally attractive buying range. At times, many stocks can be found selling at price levels that have proven over the years to be excellent buying opportunities. Rest assured they are not well advertised. Many successful investors make their investments after a severe decline in the prices of stocks with pessimism  running high. We expect very difficult economic times to engulf North America and continue for years. However, as always, there will be numerous investments that offer exceptional capital gains potential. We will try to find them. Note well that the vast majority of all publicly traded stocks lack comprehensive research coverage.

The site will include the views and ideas of some of the finest analysts and money managers. We will have the thoughts and ideas of some of the very best mining analysts and market strategists in North America. We will be covering companies, with a prime focus on mining stocks. Again, our focus will be to find investments that we believe to be severely undervalued and at the low end of their price range.

Although we are operating out of Costa Rica and the U.S., most of the companies we follow are in Canada due to that country’s abundant mineralization and stability.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not financial advisers and are not registered with any trading authority. The site does not recommend any companies. Please ALWAYS consult a registered financial advisor prior to investing. Do your own due diligence. Some of the companies mentioned may have compensated the contributor (article writer) with or without our knowledge.