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HPQ Silicon Resources, (formerly URAGOLD) investors must now wait…

  HPQ Silicon Resources, “HPQ” (formerly URAGOLD) .20 cents, is a Quebec based mineral company focusing on their substantial quartz deposits and the potential of transforming its raw quartz into High Purity Silicon Metal. But let’s explain a few things here. This is our opinion but of course there are no guarantees at this stage and time.    Most importantly                               […]

Gold correction is due but it should be a buying opportunity

  Napoleon Bonaparte once offered this wise advice; “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.” Napoleon’s theory was proposing that by letting his enemy make a mistake it offered him a better opportunity to defeat his enemy. In a sense, over the last two years we have seen investors  literally throwing away shares of stocks that were selling at multi-year lows offering us the opportunity to buy those shares while they […]

Robert Colby Asset Mgt. Views (Warnings)

The global debt load surges higher and higher, adding to risks to the global financial system. In the next recession, overextended borrowers (whose numbers are large and growing) may be unable to pay on their loans, and debt defaults could mushroom, leading to general systemic financial distress. The total of all forms of U.S. debt, including government debt, business debt, mortgage debt, and consumer debt, is now more than $59 trillion. The great majority of […]


  Our cyclical and fundamental research suggests a continuing long term bull market for gold and many of the mining stocks.  We expect “pit stops” to occur often along the way. We note that many gold mining stocks have bottomed since July 2013 as accumulation has been continuing. Many mining stocks have rocketed up 300% to 1500% despite few if any recommendations coming from the major banks and brokerage houses; they rarely fail to completely […]

KISS the Big Cap Stock Manipulations Goodbye

 Today’s investors and traders have an unlimited supply of information to choose from and help them formulate their plans. Sometimes, too many choices can cloud your opinions, forcing you to reconsider and adjust your ideas. The great game’s goalposts are constantly being moved and you must adapt, or get out of the game.  The KISS strategy is often the best method. Keep It Simple Stupid. Let’s be honest. Unless you may have some, shall we […]

American Business Television’s Perfect Clown

We would not mention this if it would not provide us with a perfect example of whom not to listen to or take advice from despite the fact that they may be appearing on television. In a television interview, this TV commentator was imparting his negative opinion on gold to the viewing public abusively by chastising the guest for having advised gold as a part of a portfolio. Fact?  What was incredible is at that […]

The nature of commodity price upturns…by Harold AGJ Davis,

Prices for many commodities are now experiencing important upturns. Years from now analysts will look back and see 2016 as a broad brush changeover from bear markets to bulls, but, here and now, the process is unlikely to be as smooth and continuous as some might imagine. The reasons behind the behavioral diversity in the price bottoms reflect the specific differences underlying each commodity. Collectively, commodity prices and those of other raw materials are considered […]

Oban Mining and its takeover of Niogold

                                                         Our focus going back to our prior research site the “”  in analyzing any mining company has been “assets that are in the ground” with the potential for further discoveries. Make no mistake about it, successful exploration always remains difficult and challenging. We have rather rigorous […]

By our analysis Gold’s bottom has been made

We have said during the last two years that gold has been finishing making a major bottom that will lead into a long term bull market in gold bullion, silver and many mining stocks. We have studied cycles, fundamental valuations, the stock market’s effect as well as the regular and timely manipulation by the central banks and brokerage houses. Our conclusion view leaves little doubt that we are in a bull market…..finally. 

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