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The Bull market “play” in Gold ……..the main act is about to commence ….  

 We have seen the initial stage of a bull market in gold and other hard asset commodities which beginning in 2015 has already carried some small to mid cap gold stocks up 800% and more. But the majority of mining and exploration stocks have languished. Yet at the same time experienced shrewd investors have been accumulating the mining shares. The price weakness has  offered patient value oriented investors opportunities to accumulate mining shares while they […]

Coup d’oueil…quick look…out of the gate

Sirios Resources,… QMX Gold Corporation,   Cartier Resources and  Imperial Mining Group are four Canadian exploration companies that by our analyses, particularly while at low prices, merit our attention. One might consider that we have seen an early stage bull market in some mining stocks already. However, if our indications are correct, we are about to commence a major bull market in many gold and mineral stocks. Mineral exploration is challenging but each of the following […]


                                   BULL MARKET IN GOLD…We are now about to commence a full-fledged bull market in gold and gold mining stocks. The paper manipulation has been the chosen deception but did allow investors to take advantage of opportunities in some gold stocks that were incredibly undervalued and literally being given away at those prices. We expect to see enormous moves […]

For Claude Lemire the focus is Gold Stocks!

Claude Lemire is the founder of the very successful Montreal based Canagex Placements (long ago acquired) which began as a money management arm of Banque Canadienne Nationale. By the time Claude left for other pursuits, Canagex was successfully managing approximately $14 Billion. I can say first hand that his talent in analyzing stocks and markets was a major contributor to the firm’s success. In recent years, he has been advising specific pension funds and focuses […]

U.S Dollar is the “key determinant” in the price of Gold

                                                         If you examine the technical chart for the U.S. dollar, it suggests a further decline ahead. In a fundamental report last July, the “IMF’s External Sector Report” estimated that the U.S. Dollar was approximately 15% overvalued putting it second only to the Saudi Riyal in overvaluation. So […]

Enormous Officers selling of their companies’ shares; that’s positive for mining stocks….

                                                                     Insider selling  hits over $2 Billion in four weeks      We have monitored the buy and sell activities of the officers and directors of the major U.S companies since 1990.  I must point out that the SEC reported filings of […]

   Adviser “Gold Manipulation is simply nonsense”….. His advice is nonsense!

                      A couple of months ago on a highly respected Canadian commodity investment site, a pompous and obviously naïve “expert “stated that any thought of “gold manipulation is simply nonsense.” Really?  We have received many comments on the view of this commodities “adviser.” Some very successful and experienced gold and mining people were rather surprised by his term “nonsense.” Nonsense is it? Just review how recent […]

Stock markets’ huge stimulant- Central Banks buying stocks-$1.5 Trillion already in 2017

In 2000 or 2001, I was working in Montreal and a gentleman told me that Central banks such as the Federal Reserve had been buying common stocks to support the stock markets. He said that he had seen it first hand while working as a trader in Europe. I had no reason to doubt him. It is well known that the Central Banks have been large buyers of bonds and are the world’s largest purchasers […]

“Bitcoin today and gold and silver”…by Bob Pellerin

It goes without saying that most people have heard of crypto currencies. Those digital “dollars” based on something called a block chain. Allow me to confess that I didn’t pay much attention to Bitcoin at first. As an IT expert and a writer about the financial markets many are shocked that I didn’t “get it”. I wanted to share with others the “cons” I saw with Bitcoin.

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