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   Adviser “Gold Manipulation is simply nonsense”….. His advice is nonsense!


   A couple of months ago on a highly respected Canadian commodity investment site, a pompous and obviously naïve “expert “stated that any thought of “gold manipulation is simply nonsense.” Really?  We have received many comments on the view of this commodities “adviser.” Some very successful and experienced gold and mining people were rather surprised by his term “nonsense.” Nonsense is it? Just review how recent gold commodities market trades were executed. By the way, we consider the expert to be mediocre at best and rarely found any value in his advice. The point is that those large commodities “paper” sales have been done to generate an overall image of weakness in the gold market.


SO IT”S NONSENSE?     JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THE TRADES    For example on November 10, 2017 a total of 30,000 commodity futures contracts in gold were sold in minutes. If converted into gold bullion, that would be equal to approximately 4000 tonnes which is more that the entire world’s annual gold production. The trades were done apparently at “market” and not “limit” and were effective in causing the price of gold (in paper) to plunge which is what we feel they were designed to do.

Let’s fast forward to last Friday November 18, 2017 when the sales of 15,000 commodities gold contracts were executed within two minutes; it was “notional” which means that it was paper contracts representing gold and not the gold bullion itself. Friday’s sale would be equal to approximately 2000 tonnes of gold bullion. Again, in our opinion and the view of many others as well, the purpose of the sales is to create a “weak gold price image” that gold is unworthy of any investment consideration. 

These manipulations have been ongoing in gold for several years. Note well that major banks and brokerages have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for their manipulations in the markets recently. How does the half-wit expert explain huge sales of gold futures contracts at the market (no limits) done at the same time causing the price of gold to plunge?  Also, the sales are usually done when there is little activity so the sales (dumping) create even greater price weakness. Nonsense? His opinion! He probably thinks that it is all just coincidental.

THAT CONFIDENTIAL MEETING  We stated on this site several times in the past that in 2014 a meeting of major bankers in a U.S. east coast city was held where they resolved that the price of gold bullion should not be allowed to go above $1300 U.S. and specific “steps” would be taken whenever it approached that price. Watching the specific gold sales done in the past on the commodities exchange which are really “paper sales” and not true bullion, one could surmise that this is their method to keep the price of gold down. Other sites have mentioned those manipulative happenings as well.

THE CHINESE WISELY TAKING ADVANTAGE   But there is a tremendous advantage to the manipulations if one is a large purchaser of gold such as a Central Bank. The image of price weakness does carry over to and can influence the price of the true gold-the bullion itself. Thus prudent and patient gold bullion accumulators such as the Chinese and Russians are able to accumulate large positions at lower prices. The temporary weakness in gold is very much to their advantage and they do take advantage.


 TAKE DELIVERY OF YOUR GOLD BULLION ……..NOW!   Be aware that in 2013 Germany asked for delivery of 300 tonnes of their gold held in New York for safekeeping; it took a long time to finally get it-this year 2017…. Four years? Why so long?  It was never explained; if the 300 tonnes were secure and safe in New York , why was it not delivered within weeks at most. We would suggest that holders of gold (where their gold bullion is held in safekeeping for them) might consider requesting physical delivery of their gold whether they are banks or private investors. Trust no one and no safekeeping institution or you may wait as the Germans did while merely requesting their own gold. When the failures to deliver commence chaos will follow. If you don’t believe us, just ask the Germans.  And they call it “Safekeeping” ????!!!!

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