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Zero doubt (in my mind) that Gold moves higher…..Graham Murray

Zero doubt (in my mind) that Gold moves higher. Unfortunately, the powers that be (Fed, Banksters) will not allow $1300 to be breached until they are ready. Epic manipulation. All it takes is a glance at the hot mess our World is currently in…….When the corrupt Central Banks remove the algo’s and robots from capping the prices, there could, and should be a powerful move higher. Absolutely sickening that such criminality rules the markets.
As I have often stated, “often wrong, seldom in doubt”…..we shall see. Thanks to the criminals who control the markets, there are much safer, transparent and truly valuable plays available in mining stocks including the small cap Juniors…..oh, the irony!   Have a great day!
                                                       Graham Murray,  Professional market maker, B.C. Canada

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