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Author: KCGrainger

For Claude Lemire the focus is Gold Stocks!

Claude Lemire is the founder of the very successful Montreal based Canagex Placements (long ago acquired) which began as a money management arm of Banque Canadienne Nationale. By the time Claude left for other pursuits, Canagex was successfully managing approximately $14 Billion. I can say first hand that his talent in analyzing stocks and markets was a major contributor to the firm’s success. In recent years, he has been advising specific pension funds and focuses […]

U.S Dollar is the “key determinant” in the price of Gold

                                                         If you examine the technical chart for the U.S. dollar, it suggests a further decline ahead. In a fundamental report last July, the “IMF’s External Sector Report” estimated that the U.S. Dollar was approximately 15% overvalued putting it second only to the Saudi Riyal in overvaluation. So […]

Enormous Officers selling of their companies’ shares; that’s positive for mining stocks….

                                                                     Insider selling  hits over $2 Billion in four weeks      We have monitored the buy and sell activities of the officers and directors of the major U.S companies since 1990.  I must point out that the SEC reported filings of […]

Stock markets’ huge stimulant- Central Banks buying stocks-$1.5 Trillion already in 2017

In 2000 or 2001, I was working in Montreal and a gentleman told me that Central banks such as the Federal Reserve had been buying common stocks to support the stock markets. He said that he had seen it first hand while working as a trader in Europe. I had no reason to doubt him. It is well known that the Central Banks have been large buyers of bonds and are the world’s largest purchasers […]

Bill Bresnan’s view on the debt and bankruptcy….is gold where investors should be?

With the issue of raising the debt ceiling hanging over everyone’s head, UNRESOLVED, and especially with the House of Representatives off on their July 29th thru September 05, 2017 “RECESS” and the United States Senate taking it’s current “RECESS” from August 11th thru September 05th, 2017. (Who is left in Washington to address this most important issue???) not to mention all the talk about the Federal Government reaching the limit of its borrowing power, bringing […]

Zero doubt (in my mind) that Gold moves higher…..Graham Murray

Zero doubt (in my mind) that Gold moves higher. Unfortunately, the powers that be (Fed, Banksters) will not allow $1300 to be breached until they are ready. Epic manipulation. All it takes is a glance at the hot mess our World is currently in…….When the corrupt Central Banks remove the algo’s and robots from capping the prices, there could, and should be a powerful move higher. Absolutely sickening that such criminality rules the markets. As […]


  Let’s see what happens now We were told of this devious bankster manipulative “scheme” right after it occurred and have no reason to dispute it. It fits the current gold situation and the evidence has been reported and remains ongoing right before our eyes. We have mentioned in the past that we were told that this Manipulation Scheme for Gold was planned and plotted three years ago in a large east coast American city. […]

Why most investors lose money in gold stocks

           ** It requires uncommon thinking and a different approach to invest successfully in gold stocks**      Time and again the majority of gold stock investors fail to  profit. That will continue over the next several years despite our forecast of a major bull market in gold stocks. However, even with gold moving to US $1500 or more which has been delayed due to major banks and brokerage houses’ manipulation, […]

Dollar Cost Averaging, consider it for mining stocks…from 2014, even more valid today

Posted on May 21, 2014 by KC Grainger What is “Dollar Cost Averaging” and why does it work?                                    By Bob Pellerin and K.C. Grainger,   1. The cyclical price action of the markets often brings many investments into a traditionally attractive buying range. During the downside moves, many stocks can be found selling at prices that have proven over the years to be excellent […]

Gold…the best time to invest?  Some thoughts!

  Several very respected analysts have suggested that we are now in a period that will prove to be the “best time” ever to invest in gold stocks. We agree but want to add one point that few recognize or understand; there is no “best time” to invest for all gold amd silver stocks. Over the last three years we have recommended Canadian gold mining stocks that were literally being given away at distressed prices-actually […]

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