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  Let’s see what happens now

We were told of this devious bankster manipulative “scheme” right after it occurred and have no reason to dispute it. It fits the current gold situation and the evidence has been reported and remains ongoing right before our eyes. We have mentioned in the past that we were told that this Manipulation Scheme for Gold was planned and plotted three years ago in a large east coast American city. Yet, very few people are aware of this flagrant and ongoing manipulation or the 2014 bankster meeting itself.


When and what! At a confidential meeting in 2014, a group of major bankers plotted and resolved that the price of gold bullion should not sell above U.S. $1300 and “steps” would be taken whenever it approached that price. They certainly have taken those “steps” haven’t they?


Watching the specific gold sales being done recently on a major commodities exchange which are actually “paper sales” and not true gold bullion, one sees the manipulation first hand.  It is a high level contrived scheme to keep the price of gold down. One day recently, the sales were equal to approximately forty percent of world gold mine production. As I said “paper” it is. Heaven help the exchange if buyers demand their gold be delivered.


Other sites have reported specifically of the ongoing manipulation practice and report on the individual transactions which are fake “put up jobs” to create an image of gold as a worthless investment. Those morons should take a look at gold and many gold stocks since 2002 and they would find that gold is up near 400%.  


Proof of manipulation? You can see the “dump” type sales of gold contracts that are executed during periods when there is little activity and with no price limits. It is done to have the price of gold plunge to create an image of price weakness with no upside. That’s right; they want gold bullion down in price.


Who wants Gold down? The Bankers and large brokerages who know  well that a bull market in industrial stocks such as those in the Dow Industrials does not occur when gold and many commodities are in bull markets. The brokerage’s profitability drops precipitously during bear markets and the losses cannot be made up in commodities sector stocks (too small markets). The fact that investors should be guided into some gold and other commodities stocks is threatening to the brokerages in too many cases.

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