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Commentaire de Raymond Langevin, 6 Juin 2017

K.C. Une hausse de 6,07 % de l’indice HUI aujourd’hui? Voilà ce que je voulais voir depuis longtemps. C’est un mouvement fort et silencieux qui est un vrai départ de marché. Il est surprenant que cela se produise en juin, mais c’est ainsi. Je n’ai pas lu un seul de nos experts faire de prévisions négatives ou parler en mal de l’or à 1294 $. Personnellement, ça me va, mais j’imagine que les mauvaises langues […]

Blatant Manipulation in the Gold market…expect it to occur again.

 Our technical and cyclical indicators indicate that we are about to commence a major bull market in Gold and Silver mining stocks. It is frustrating and demands exceptional patience but it is coming; not just an up market which we have already seen in some gold stocks but a major bull market. Moreover, other analysts using their own often amazing proprietary indicators also project that a bull market will begin soon. This year should prove […]

What are cheap? Some Gold and silver stocks…

  We cannot tell the future but we try anyway. It seems to us that the stock market is as vulnerable to a more than 20% downside as it has ever been. The true P/E ratios for some of the leading stocks are at nose bleed levels, insiders who as officers and directors are the most informed of all have been selling at one of the highest rates ever. Last week they sold $456 million […]

“SRSrocco Report” …this is one of the best reports we have seen

by Steve St. Angelo How do you depress the physical gold price?  It’s quite easy… you throw $10 trillion paper dollars at it.  Not only did global paper gold trading amount reach a new record in 2016, it surpassed the previous year’s total by nearly 50%.   This is simply amazing when we look around at the staggering amount of insanity taking place in the financial markets.  With the economic and financial markets sitting at […]

Is a Bull Market in gold finally starting?

The confidential meeting three years ago…. In an eastern US city approximately three years ago, major bankers met for “discussions.” The purpose of the conference was not disclosed. However, there is an ugly rumor that one of the issues discussed was the necessity to keep the price of gold bullion down. The rumor was that it was about $1300. The point is that if gold is rising, it indicates problems in the financial system and […]


 It was significant news recently when Cartier Resources announced that Agnico Eagle Mines, a major mining  corporation had purchased 22.5 million shares of Cartier at .20 cents per share for $4.5-million. Agnico is listed on both the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. Agnico’s investment in Cartier supports our view that Cartier Resources merited investor attention on the basis of its exploration projects and management. As a result of the investment, Agnico […]

Gold Stocks, vue de Ray Langevin, translation on bottom…

K.C., je viens de comparer DJIA avec HUI et je te fais part de mes convictions relatives aux perspectives du marché des métaux précieux. J’aimerais en retour de connaître tes impressions.    Je pense que nous nous trouvons actuellement devant une  forte possibilité de départ du marché des aurifères, que les industrielles y participent ou pas, en hausse ou en baisse. Un secteur d’investissement a toujours ses caractéristiques propres et celui des aurifères ne fait […]

Germany moves 100 tonnes of its gold from New York to Frankfurt, 9 February 2017

This article is from which is an excellent site….. Germany’s central bank said on Thursday it sped up the process of bringing its gold home from foreign vaults in 2016, moving more than 200 tonnes from New York and Paris. The Bundesbank relocated some 216 tonnes of the precious metal to its headquarters in Frankfurt last year, including 111 tonnes from New York and 105 from Paris. That amount was a slight increase over […]

The true value of Junior Mining stocks by Graham Murray

Junior mining stocks are, to say the least, of a very speculative nature. In general, they represent potential based on exploration, which mostly has not yet happened. They must play the game the only way they can, by trying to prove their property has value. I think it’s fair to say that most Junior Mining stocks have one goal in mind, which is to find enough proof that one of the Major Miners will find […]


There are more than a few mining stocks that we have monitored in the past……some have seen superb moves up in price over the last two to three years and much more upside may be on the way. Some have had large moves up already so be careful, don’t chase. Some have been disappointments…of which we are reminded almost weekly-in French and English! TOP OF THE LINE FOR NOW…..RICHMONT MINES, “RIC” We first noted this […]

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