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The true value of Junior Mining stocks by Graham Murray

Junior mining stocks are, to say the least, of a very speculative nature. In general, they represent potential based on exploration, which mostly has not yet happened. They must play the game the only way they can, by trying to prove their property has value. I think it’s fair to say that most Junior Mining stocks have one goal in mind, which is to find enough proof that one of the Major Miners will find […]


There are more than a few mining stocks that we have monitored in the past……some have seen superb moves up in price over the last two to three years and much more upside may be on the way. Some have had large moves up already so be careful, don’t chase. Some have been disappointments…of which we are reminded almost weekly-in French and English! TOP OF THE LINE FOR NOW…..RICHMONT MINES, “RIC” We first noted this […]

“No” to Yorbeau Resources sale of Rouyn property to Kinross

              After studying the possible sale of the Rouyn property to Kinross, we do not find it satisfactory. We recognize that we still are in a bear market, particularly for much of the junior mining sector, but we expect that to change soon. Most importantly, we have recently seen juniors that have been bought out/taken over at exceedingly low prices and low valuation levels by larger mining companies at […]

Gold points for consideration…

Your opinion  The private investor’s judgement is often more accurate as or usually better than the so called “experts opinion.” Make sure that any advice makes sense to you. Cycles? On a cyclical basis, gold and silver are due soon for major moves up which do not have to occur exactly on schedule. Often cycles are early or late in their occurrences but nonetheless are significant. They fool the majority. But note well that over […]

First Time Gold Investors….Gold Mining, The Basics

  At the Montreal and Canadian Mine, we believe that gold and silver mining stocks will be one the best performing groups of this decade. Since many readers  are not familiar with gold mining and silver mining, we thought that we would give a quick capsule summary of the “nuts and bolts” (better yet the picks and shovels)of mining. The basic premise naturally is that the property (project) contains gold. A company wants […]

Gold manipulation? They would never do that? Oh yeah!

The price of gold bullion is blatantly being manipulated as we have seen again this week. It was so obvious by what transpired on Tuesday. On our sites in the past, we have said that without manipulation by the central banks colluding with certain brokerage houses gold would likely never have been below $1300 an ounce during the last four years.

HPQ Silicon Resources, (formerly URAGOLD) investors must now wait…

  HPQ Silicon Resources, “HPQ” (formerly URAGOLD) .20 cents, is a Quebec based mineral company focusing on their substantial quartz deposits and the potential of transforming its raw quartz into High Purity Silicon Metal. But let’s explain a few things here. This is our opinion but of course there are no guarantees at this stage and time.    Most importantly                               […]

Gold correction is due but it should be a buying opportunity

  Napoleon Bonaparte once offered this wise advice; “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.” Napoleon’s theory was proposing that by letting his enemy make a mistake it offered him a better opportunity to defeat his enemy. In a sense, over the last two years we have seen investors  literally throwing away shares of stocks that were selling at multi-year lows offering us the opportunity to buy those shares while they […]


  Our cyclical and fundamental research suggests a continuing long term bull market for gold and many of the mining stocks.  We expect “pit stops” to occur often along the way. We note that many gold mining stocks have bottomed since July 2013 as accumulation has been continuing. Many mining stocks have rocketed up 300% to 1500% despite few if any recommendations coming from the major banks and brokerage houses; they rarely fail to completely […]

KISS the Big Cap Stock Manipulations Goodbye by Graham Murray

 Today’s investors and traders have an unlimited supply of information to choose from and help them formulate their plans. Sometimes, too many choices can cloud your opinions, forcing you to reconsider and adjust your ideas. The great game’s goalposts are constantly being moved and you must adapt, or get out of the game.  The KISS strategy is often the best method. Keep It Simple Stupid. Let’s be honest. Unless you may have some, shall we […]

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