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“Bitcoin today and gold and silver”…by Bob Pellerin

It goes without saying that most people have heard of crypto currencies. Those digital “dollars” based on something called a block chain. Allow me to confess that I didn’t pay much attention to Bitcoin at first. As an IT expert and a writer about the financial markets many are shocked that I didn’t “get it”. I wanted to share with others the “cons” I saw with Bitcoin.

Very Important Gold Points! Still our view, an opportunity.

1-Gold representation as a percentage of total assets held by large institutions and by various investment funds remains quite low. That could change as we feel that they will soon have to invest in gold and gold mining stocks. As you are aware, it is not easy to purchase gold bullion for many institutions and have it delivered and stored safely. You may want to ask the Germans about that subject and how much of […]

Insider focus on mining companies’ officers buying their own companies’ stocks!

While most investors are failing to notice that the insider selling in the large cap stocks such as those in the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrials has been near the heaviest in history, there has been consistent and heavy insider buying in the Canadian mining shares. We suggest paying attention to the insiders-the most informed of all investors! It is a “do as I do, not as I say” scenario. As our principal focus […]

CMA-001: Bob Pellerin and David Morgan on Silver

Canadian Mine Analysis PODCAST. Bob Pellerin discusses Silver with Silver expert David Morgan.   Host: Bob Pellerin Guest: David Morgan of The Morgan Report ( Topic: Silver and the economy   Episode 001   Description Canadian Mine Analysis podcast’s Bob Pellerin discusses Silver with David Morgan, respected authority on silver investing and author of the Morgan Report. We discuss the value of silver and the our views on the broader economy. David Morgan with Bob “CTOBOB” Pellerin

Alexandria Minerals Corporation

Symbol in Canada AZX, US ALXDF at .05 cents  We have had some success in our research of mining stocks with our picks such as Richmont Mines and NIogold Mines having good moves up in price after we pointed out their undervaluation. In our view they have much further upside as we finally enter a bull market in gold and gold mining stocks. We are still in a period of many mining stocks being “on […]

Market Makers, Their Disappearance, and how to take Advantage of It

Reprinted from Bull & Bear Financial Report VOL. 26 NO. 06 • Sept.-October 2014 By KC Grainger & Bob Pellerin* “True market makers are a thing of the past and this has a huge impact on the small cap mining stocks’ price movements…old support levels are not support anymore.” That is what I wrote eight years ago for the “Bull and Bear” and it still holds true. Yet today the overall situation is for most […]

Niogold Mining Corporation (NOX.V)

Price weakness in stocks may be providing an opportunity for investors, it often does, but few take advantage of it. That will never change! The present price weakness in the gold mining stocks and gold itself is in our view an opportunity to accumulate shares in mining companies with advanced resources that by several gauges are undervalued. Generally, we are quite positive on the mining shares as our analysis suggests that a major bottom is […]

Dollar cost averaging, worth consideration-particularly with mining stocks!

Dollar Cost Averaging is a method of investing equal amounts of money regularly and periodically over specific time periods (such as $1000 monthly for 10 months) in a particular investment(s) or buying more shares of the same stocks when they decline in price. By doing so, more shares are purchased when prices are low and fewer shares are purchased when prices are high. The benefit is to lower the average cost per share of the […]

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